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You vill collect the coffers of gold, but you vill give them to Count Emich of Leiningen instead of to Peter the Hermit!

Ve may join up vith him farther down the Danube, but for now, Emich is content to raid the Jews along the Rhine.

Count Emich and his followers had arrived not many days before and were camped in the forest.

Tancred soon discovered that Emich exercised a fascination over the minds of his followers.

There was a great shout, and Emich looked about the sea of faces, smiling his pleasure for their devoted trust.

But if he thought that Emich and his ten thousand were only a leaderless collection of peasants apt to go on a mindless rampage against the Jews, a look in the direction of the men about him swiftly put an end to that idea.

Men who should have known better than to vent their rage on the People of the Book, but whose hatred for them found Emich a rallying point.

Wolfric moved his way to the front where Emich and his captains were gathered, and having said something, Emich turned a riveting stare upon Tancred.

Words were quickly exchanged, then Emich turned back to his followers.

The Jewish leadership must be warned of what Emich and his followers intended to do.

From farther down the street, storming through the city gate, Emich rode into town, surrounded by hundreds of followers brandishing pikes and staves.

Leading Emich was a group of men and women prodding the goose forward.

He was certain that the marauding army of Emich was aware of their vulnerability.

Tancred believed the brigand army of Emich intended to attack Wieselburg.

Tancred stood with the governor in the tower, watching a gathering of soldiers under Emich try to fight their way to control the bridge.