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emesene is an open source instant messaging client designed for use with Microsoft Messenger service. It is a clone of Windows Live Messenger. emesene is the Spanish (also Portuguese and French) pronunciation of MSN, former name of Windows Live Messenger. It also supports external messaging services accessible via XMPP such as Facebook Messenger and Google Talk.

Its goal is to replicate the functions of the official Windows Live client in a simpler, cleaner and easier to use interface.

emesene is licensed under the GNU General Public License, and is developed by Luis Mariano Guerra along with other contributors.

In 2013, Microsoft decided to shut down the Microsoft Messenger service, and as such emesene can no longer be used as an MSN Messaging client. However, emesene can still be used to access other networks, such as XMPP.

In light of the shutdown, a developer named Riccardo has encouraged users to port emesene to other networks, such as Whatsapp.