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Embutido (Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese), enchido (European Portuguese) or embotit (Catalan) is one of the many varieties of cured, dry sausages found in the cuisines of Iberia and the former Spanish and Portuguese colonies.

Specific varieties include:

  • Chorizo/Chouriço
  • Sobrassada from the Balearic Islands
  • Botifarra from Catalonia
  • Fuet from Catalonia
  • Blood sausage (morcilla, morcela)
  • Androlla from Galicia
  • Linguiça/ longaniza
  • Alheira
  • Farinheira
  • Botillo/Botelo, also known as chouriço de ossos
  • Paio
  • Butifarras Soledeñas

jamon BEHER Guijuelo Salamanca.jpg|Exposition of "embutidos" de Requena.jpg|Embutidos from Spain soledeñas.jpg| Butifarras Soledeñas from Colombia