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Ekkedme cried in the trade tongue, forcing the words through his spiracles in a wheezy Embe accent.

When it reintegrated an instant later, the Embe lurched suddenly to one side, reached out with a stick-thin forelimb, and clutched a smooth black ball to the pale white fur of his chitinous chest.

Jube watched with horror as air, instruments, and Embe were sucked up toward the cold unwinking stars.

The Embe nymph had never quite been a friend, yet Ekkedme had been something just as important.

He had never used a singularity shifter himself-it was an Embe device, still experimental, powered by a mini-black hole and capable of functioning as a stasis field, a teleportation device, even a power source, but fantastically expensive, its secrets zealously guarded by the Network.

If the shifter had malfunctioned, the Embe might have teleported into airless space, or the bottom of the ocean, or .

Some Embe religious invocation, or was his colleague actually calling on the female who had hatched him?

And the tachyon transmitter had been lost with the Embe and the singleship.

Croyd had told him, a week after that grim afternoon Jhubben had spent flushing the remains of his Embe brother back to the salt sea from which they had all risen, at least metaphorically.

With these, he would locate the Embe singularity shifter, to power his transmission to the stars.

It was, of course, already our strong tendency in the Industrial Age to embed intelligence in mechanisms, which thereby gained increasing ability to run by themselves.

He wanted every possible contact with this real familiar world, wanted to embed every least part of it into him as protection against the cold alien presence that was pervading the mountain.

In particular, we might work to embed a rearmed Iraq within a regional alliance system including the Gulf states, the United States, and possibly Jordan and Egypt as well.

The shaft whistled past her ear to embed itself in the heart of another cultist.

In Emberen she was just Khyber to everyone she knew, not Princess or Highness or some other deferential term.