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Elza may refer to:

  • Elza (given name)
As a given name
  • Elza Jeffords (1826–1885), U.S. Representative from Mississippi
  • Elza Kephart, film director, producer, writer
  • Elza Kolodin, pianist from Poland
  • Elza Kungayeva, 18-year-old Chechen woman abducted, beaten, raped and murdered by a Russian Army Colonel
  • Elza Leimane, Latvian ballet dancer
  • Elza Maalouf (born 1965), Arab-American futurist and cultural development specialist
  • Elza Medeiros (1921–2009), Brazilian Army officer and World War II veteran
  • Elza Soares (born 1937), Brazilian samba singer
  • Japanese name of the Character known as Zael in the Western release of the video game The Last Story
As a code name
  • Elza, the codename of the Soviet spy Elizaveta Mukasei, active from the 1940s through the 1970s
As a place name
  • Elza, Tennessee, community that existed before 1942 and is now part of the city of Oak Ridge
Elza (given name)

Elza is a Slavik and English name of Hebrew and German origins. It is also a derivation of Elizabeth, and a close variant of the names Elsa, Eliza and Aliza.