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Elvin is an event routing service using a publish/subscribe event delivery model. It was originally developed at the Distributed Systems Technology Centre, an Australian Co-operative Research Centre based at the University of Queensland which operated from 1992 until mid-2006.

Elvin (given name)

Elvin is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Elvin Aliyev (born 1984), Azerbaijani professional footballer
  • Elvin Bale born in London, England, was a world-famous daredevil with Ringling Bros
  • Elvin Beqiri (born 1980), Albanian footballer
  • Elvin Bethea (born 1946), former American football defensive end
  • Elvin Bishop (born 1942), American blues and rock and roll musician and guitarist
  • Elvin J. Cassell (1896–1970), American football coach in the United States
  • Elvin W. Crane (1853–1909), American lawyer and Democratic party politician from New Jersey
  • Elvin C. Drake (1903-1988), American college track and field coach and athletics trainer
  • Elvin Feltner, (born 1929), American film producer, television broadcaster and telecommunications entrepreneur
  • Elvin Hayes (born 1945), retired American basketball player and radio analyst
  • Elvin R. Heiberg III (born 1932) United States Army general
  • Elvin Hutchison (1912–2001), American football player and official
  • Elvin Jones (1927–2004), jazz drummer of the post-bop era
  • Elvin A. Kabat (1914–2000), American biomedical scientist
  • Elvin Kaneyev (born 1991), Russian professional football player
  • Elvin Mammadov (born 1988), Azerbaijani footballer (midfielder)
  • Elvin McCary (1907-1981), American politician
  • Elvin Mesger (1919–1988), holder of the American Bowling Congress record for 800-or-better series
  • Elvin Ng (born 1980), actor in the Mediacorp stable in Singapore
  • Elvin Nimrod (born 1943), politician from the island of Grenada
  • Elvin Papik, the 26th head football coach for the Doane College Tigers located in Crete, Nebraska
  • Elvin Penner, Belizean politician
  • Elvin Ramírez (born 1987), Major League Baseball pitcher for the Washington Nationals
  • Elvin Santos (born 1963), Vice President of Honduras 2006–2008
  • Elvin C. Stakman (1885–1979), American plant pathologist
  • Elvin Tibideaux, fictional character on The Cosby Show
  • Elvin Yunusov (born 1994), Azerbaijani football player
Elvin (surname)

Elvin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Sir Arthur Elvin MBE (1899–1957), Chairman of Wembley Stadium, speedway promoter
  • Herbert Henry Elvin (1874–1949), British trade unionist
  • Joe Elvin (1862–1935), Cockney comedian and music hall entertainer, Founder of the Grand Order of Water Rats
  • Lionel Elvin (1905–2005), eminent educationist
  • Mark Elvin, professor emeritus of Chinese history at Australian National University
Elvin (disambiguation)

Elvin is a distributed event routing service using a publish/subscribe event delivery model.

Elvin may also refer to:

  • Elvin (given name)
  • Elvin (surname)
  • Elvin!, 1968 album by Elvin Jones