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Old English -├Žlfen (n.) "an elf or fairy," usually a female one (see elf). Not a pure adjective in Middle English ( elvish was used), but used in phrases such as elven land (c.1300). Apparently revived as an adjective by Tolkien (1937).


Etymology 1 a. belonging to, or relating to, elves. n. (context obsolete English) A female elf, a fairy, nymph Etymology 2

n. (lb en dialectal) An elm.


Elven may refer to:

  • The adjectival form of Elf
    • Elven (comics), a 1994 four issue comic book written by Len Strazewski and drawn by Aaron Lopresti
    • Elven Legacy, a 2009 PC video game
    • Elven-languages created by J. R. R. Tolkien
  • St Elven, an alternate spelling of St Elwen
    • Elven, Morbihan, a town in Morbihan, France
Elven (comics)

Elven is a four issue comic book mini-series from the Ultraverse continuity of Malibu Comics, written by Len Strazewski and drawn by Aaron Lopresti. It was about a character with abilities similar to those of Prime, save that instead of being a fan of comic superheroes such as Superman, Elven was a fan of Elfquest and similar fantasy depictions of elves. Her Ultra form and abilities reflected this, with the liquid substance produced by her body shaping itself into an Elf-like appearance (albeit with a very non-elfin female bodybuilder physique in her initial appearances), and her powers subconsciously channelled into magic-like applications.

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Usage examples of "elven".

To give Alake her due, she probably would have starved to death before getting through one of the elven dinners, which could sometimes stretch into cycles, with several hours between courses.

Eliason cast his mantle over his head and averted his face, an elven response to grief.

His elven blade was sheathed at his side, his left hand carried a spear, and both riders wore helm and byrnie under their furs.

When an elven patrol ship gave chase, the cloaked bionoid shrike ships would close in and drop either bionoid warriors or the tertiary marauders to wipe out the elves.

A bionoid ship, armed with the stolen elven cloaking device, will follow the swan ship to Lionheart and release the secondary marauder.

Someone with access to elven technology had stolen a cloaking device for a bionoid clan.

Somewhere in the distance a wolf howled, and another took up the song, and for Elbryan, the music was sweeter now than ever before, than even in those years he had spent in the enchanted elven forest.

Set on stones were elven winter rations and fresh game: oat cakes with salt and maple syrup, dried herring, hunks of deer and bear and bison, even barrels of ale and a trough of spring water.

Italiaanschen kunstenaar, een fantazie van rozen en elven op ivoorwit satijn.

Telvanlu was the capital of Naramyr, the sea elven lands in the Lake of Dragons in Serds, and was located two hundred feet down and forty miles southwest of Suzail.

Among the recordings of Kagonesti oral histories set down by the great elven bard Quevalin Soth is that of the Keeper of the Forest.

They were quite remarkable silver spoons, each of them marked with intricate designs that Tas guessed were elven.

The blooder was an elven silhouette against the star-filled sky as he bent to look at her.

These humans aped the brambled fortifications of her people, but their work had none of the beauty of elven creations-and none of the security.

Melville had thought so at the time, but now here he was, stranded on a distant planet with a mad dwarven marine sergeant, a monkish purser, a beautiful elven surgeon, and a crew of stranded sailors, surrounded by dead aliens.