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Élson Falcão da Silva (born 16 November 1981 in Conceição do Araguaia, Pará), simply known as Élson is a Brazilian footballer who last played for Oeste.


Elson is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Andrea Elson (born 1969), actress
  • Anita Elson (1898–1985) was an American dancer and singer
  • Bob Elson (1904–1981), sportscaster
  • Clifford Elson (1923-1995),Publicist
  • David Elson, coach
  • Diane Elson, (1946- ), economist
  • Edward L.R. Elson (1906–1993), minister
  • Francisco Elson (born 1976), basketball player
  • Jeremy Elson (born 1974), computer researcher
  • Justin Elson (born 1977), photographer, print maker
  • Karen Elson (born 1979), model and singer
  • Kate Elson (born 1979), model and filmmaker
  • Kay Elson (born 1947), politician
  • Kevin Elson, record producer
  • Peter Elson (Canadian politician) (1839–1913)
  • Peter Elson (1947–1998), illustrator
  • Pip Elson (born 1954), golfer
  • Rachel Elson, journalist
  • Rae Elson, activist
  • Rebecca Elson (1960–1999), astronomer
  • Richard Elson (born 1962), comic book artist
  • Richard Mark Elson (born 1979), writer, director and editor
  • Robert Elson, professor
  • Roy Elson (born 1930), politician
  • Warren Elson (born ca. 1981), kickboxer
  • William Elson (disambiguation), footballer

Given name:

  • Élson Falcão da Silva (born 1981), football player
  • Elson Becerra (1978–2006), football player
  • Elson Floyd, educator
  • Elson Moyo, deputy commander of the Air Force of Zimbabwe
  • Elson Seale, soccer player
  • Elson Soh (born 1988), artist

Usage examples of "elson".

Peter had a copy of the book manuscript that his father had sent him, but he had no idea there was a journal in which Elson described his life and the writing of the book.

They were rolling on a scene where Eli Hathaway, playing a middle-aged Elson Wellbright, steps out of the shadow of those breadfruit trees and walks slowly toward the stones.

Celia resented their closeness, felt that Elson was robbing her and their children of his affection.

I think there was just something about the boy that touched Elson in a way his own children did not.

Well, yes, the gift was quite large, and Elson could make no secret of it.

Russell had always been grudgingly welcomed there, but he, like Elson, became persona non grata.

October of 1985, at a time when, as he put it, Elson craved warmth and brightness in his life, he met a woman.

In order to provide for her and the child, Elson turned to the man who had introduced them.

That man married her and, in exchange, Elson settled a substantial sum of money on him.

I married Liza Santos and accepted the money from Elson and started my charter service.

Am I correct in thinking that in September of 1992 Elson Wellbright intended to move to the mainland with a photojournalist named Abigail Carew?

She and Elson met on assignment in the late eighties, arranged to work as a team whenever possible.

I warned Elson it was unwise, that Celia might find out, but he badly wanted Abigail to see the island before he left forever.

September 10, before Elson and Abigail could leave the island for Oahu, someone killed them.

By the time the family hired detectives to trace Elson, the trail that had never existed was presumed to be cold.