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n. An awl, a pointed tool.


Elsen is a village in Germany that forms a part of the city Paderborn in North Rhine-Westphalia. Until 1975 Elsen was an autonomous Gemeinde (municipality). As of 2006, Elsen has around 16,000 inhabitants.

Usage examples of "elsen".

Prince Elsen of Grib was riding south with troops in answer to Torien's call for aid.

Prince Elsen of Grib was nding south with troops in answer to Torien’s call for aid.

Surely, Elsen thought, surely if she could endure such wracking pain through her entire body, he could outlast one knee.

Well, just consider how lucky it is that Prince Elsen is here with us, and not camped outside with her.

His cousin Elsen, crippled as he was, had surely reached Goddess Keep by now.

It was possible that Cabar’s daughter, married to Elsen, would argue both cautious and frightened princes into action.

Please be assured that Prince Elsen is receiving the best of care from our physicians.

Him and Edrel and Norian and poor crippled Elsen, riding to Goddess Keep’s defense when they need no defending except from themselves.

Amiel’s helping Tilal, and Elsen is at Goddess Keep doing the best he can, so Pol can’t punish their fathers too harshly for being cowards.

I’ll help my cousin Elsen keep the laws by riding the princedom, the way High Prince Rohan set up the Medr’im.

Norian clung frantically to his arm, ordering the young page who attended Elsen to stay where he was.

Norian watched Elsen hover on the brink, his anguished glance at the battlefield evenly matched by his fingers twisting the ruby ring on his thumb—a gift from Selante to celebrate the birth of their son.

Instead, he confirmed Elsen as the next Prince of Grib, and Vellanur as Heir—a distinction lost on no one.

Prince Velden won’t help us, but his son Elsen has a conscience, I think.

But Edrel and Norian had gone south to help her crippled brother Elsen, and Miyon was not a candidate for supreme authority here even though this was his daughter’s residence.