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n. (plural of el English)


ELS may refer to:

  • East London Airport, an airport in South Africa that has IATA airport code ELS
  • Editor in the Life Sciences, a certification in editing awarded by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences
  • Electrophoretic light scattering, a technique in chemistry
  • Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, an encyclopedia of biology
  • Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc, a Canadian Manufacturing Company
  • Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a US-based Protestant Christian denomination
  • Ejército Libertador del Sur, the Spanish name for the Liberation Army of the South (Mexican Revolution)
  • Equidistant letter sequencing, a concept related to bible codes
  • l'Ensemble de Lancement Soyouz, the Soyuz-2 (rocket) launch pad at Guiana Space Centre.
  • ELS Language Centers, a worldwide network of language schools offering Intensive English Programs
  • Extreme Loading for Structures, a structural analysis software
  • Lambert-Eaton syndrome, a muscle disease
  • Reporting marks for the Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad
  • Europeesche lagere school or European Primary School, a school for white children in the Dutch East Indies
  • Energy Lock Seed, an equipment for the New Generation Riders of Kamen Rider Gaim
  • Early Life Support, the support provided by a system developer/integrator after the go-live of a newly developed or integrated system

ELS may also refer to:

  • Els Límits, a village in the municipality of La Jonquera, Catalonia (Spain)
  • Ernie Els (born 1969), South African golfer

Usage examples of "els".

It is only fair to add that Gisevius, archenemy of Hitler, Himmler and Schellenberg, believes - as he testified at Nuremberg and in his book - that Elser really attempted to kill Hitler and that there were no Nazi accomplices.

Since Elser was a skilled cabinetmaker and electrician and a tinkerer, they suggested that he was the man to do the job.

Among the first pioneers of the later modern ink industry abroad, may be mentioned the names of Stephens, Arnold, Blackwood, Ribaucourt, Stark, Lewis, Runge, Leonhardi, Gafford, Bottger, Lipowitz, Geissler, Jahn, Van Moos, Ure, Schmidt, Haenle, Elsner, Bossin, Kindt, Trialle, Morrell, Cochrane, Antoine, Faber, Waterlous, Tarling, Hyde, Thacker, Mordan, Featherstone, Maurin, Triest and Draper.

Ulasim and the others would kick at leaving the boy alive, but if Dunevon and Elsren both swear in blood they will never try to take back the Crown or the Isles, it might work.

Prince Elsen of Grib was riding south with troops in answer to Torien's call for aid.

Prince Elsen of Grib was nding south with troops in answer to Torien’s call for aid.

Surely, Elsen thought, surely if she could endure such wracking pain through her entire body, he could outlast one knee.

Well, just consider how lucky it is that Prince Elsen is here with us, and not camped outside with her.

His cousin Elsen, crippled as he was, had surely reached Goddess Keep by now.

It was possible that Cabar’s daughter, married to Elsen, would argue both cautious and frightened princes into action.

Please be assured that Prince Elsen is receiving the best of care from our physicians.

Him and Edrel and Norian and poor crippled Elsen, riding to Goddess Keep’s defense when they need no defending except from themselves.

Amiel’s helping Tilal, and Elsen is at Goddess Keep doing the best he can, so Pol can’t punish their fathers too harshly for being cowards.

I’ll help my cousin Elsen keep the laws by riding the princedom, the way High Prince Rohan set up the Medr’im.

Norian clung frantically to his arm, ordering the young page who attended Elsen to stay where he was.