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Etymology 1 vb. (context transitive obsolete English) To strengthen; hearten; comfort; encourage. Etymology 2

n. (alternative form of ellen English)


Elne (; , ) is a commune in the Pyrénées-Orientales department in southern France.

It lies in the former province of Roussillon, of which it was the first capital, being later replaced by Perpignan. Its inhabitants are still called Illibériens in reference to the city's Iberian name, Illiberis, one that it shared with the Illiberis that became Granada, Spain.

Usage examples of "elne".

The river Elne wound from east to west beyond the settlement, and further north were low purple hills where wild goats grazed on the heather.

Of how Drakis had planted his staff in the ground when he arrived at the small, fertile delta by the river Elne where the village now lay, and declared it to be the Promised Land.

But curiosity is a powerful force, and Telli was not the first youngster from the banks of the Elne to dream of a more interesting and exciting life that might be found elsewhere.

They had followed the Elne up river for the first two days, but when they had reached the hills the river had begun to wind around them, and they were forced to choose between a long route on its bank, or shorter, but steeper cuts between its bends.

It was not far from the Elne, because they reached its south bank just three days after leaving the snows behind them, as you know if you remember your reading.

You can see by the break in the trees that there is a river or stream down in the valley to our right, and we know that the Elne is to our left.

We know that it did not lead them directly to the Elne, for they cut north to avoid the thick forest, and to march on more open ground.

It was a massive lizard, perhaps nine feet long and looking like an enormous version of the green fly-catching lizard that lived on the banks of the Elne, but which never to their knowledge grew to more than two feet in length.

The Gods have been kind enough to send me one who works hard, and has learned his craft well on the waters of the little river Elne in the mysterious western land beyond the Great White Mountains.