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ELN may refer to:

Usage examples of "eln".

She saw Eln and me at the table, looked from him to me and back again.

Ran and Kylla kept a slow, sight-seeing pace, and Eln showed me how to match my speed to theirs.

But when Kylla broke into a gallop over a meadow flecked with white hearthwhistle and golden violets, and Ran laughed and went after her, Eln put out his hand to the front of my floater.

There was a pause, then Eln, followed by Ran, kissed me good night as well.

Lying on the cot it suddenly came to me whom Eln had been reminding me of.

It was clear that Eln was not only a better chessplayer, he had a lot more endurance.

I came out every morning after that with Eln, and struggled and sweated while he flew gloriously overhead.

A few days later Eln told me to close my eyes while I did it, and stop watching him.

I closed my eyes and pretended I was back in the garden, with Eln moving over my head.

She joined Eln on the hilltop under a night sky and they began reciting something.

Grandmother was about the same and that Eln was spending a lot of time on the Net lately.

I appreciate your notifying me of the schedule, Eln, but if I could have afforded passage on a starship I would have left here quite a long time ago.

I got from my talk with Eln was that I was perfectly free to go, provided I left my honor behind when I boarded.

I would leave dust tracks if I hit the keys, and Eln would know someone had been there.

And I wondered, which is Eln, the one sitting beside me now or the one who tried to kill us?