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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Elmen \Elm"en\, a. Belonging to elms. [Obs.]


a. 1 (context rare dialectal or archaic English) Of or pertaining to an elm tree. 2 (context rare dialectal or archaic English) Of, or made of, elm. 3 (context rare dialectal or archaic English) Composed of elm trees.


Elmen is a municipality in the district of Reutte in the Austrian state of Tyrol.

Usage examples of "elmen".

With an eerie and indescribable sensation of impending disaster upon me, I thrust my way through to a gray patch which marked a break in the elmen roof.

Familiar names flew around the place: Accra, Elmina, Ijebu, and Bonny.

Another reason for this attack upon the Elminas was that an Ashanti general, named Atjempon, had marched with several hundred men through the Fanti country, burning, destroying, and slaying as usual, and had taken refuge with his men in Elmina.

Elmina recut a cast-off evening coat belonging to her cousin Geoffrey, deepest midnight blue, and had bullied her elderly maid into creating a pair of buff inexpressibles that clung to her long limbs as if molded to them.