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Crossword clues for ells


n. (plural of ell English)

Usage examples of "ells".

Each stood at the center of a platform raised about five ells above the surface, nuzzled on two sides by a number of punts similar to that which had brought her here.

Anigel murmured, so softly that her voice was almost drowned in the clamor of the fighting going on twenty ells beneath.

In the middle of it was a round black hole about two ells in width, circled by a low stone curb.

A knight-commander and his escort came cantering into the forecourt of the inner ward, and pulled up not a dozen ells from the guard kiosk.

Gigantic trees of an unfamiliar species, with subsidiary trunks like flying buttresses, soared up several hundred ells high.

They stood shoulder to shoulder along the water, splendid even in desolation, and their foundations formed the walls of a great canal fifty ells wide.

It was a dugout some seven ells long with upswept pointed ends upon which glow-worm lanterns hung.

A few dozen ells uphill, at the head of rustic flagstone steps, stood a cottage unlike any that Anigel had ever seen before.

But the enemy went about its business without noticing them, even though one of the Labornoki boats passed less than twenty ells away.

With their leg tendons clicking and their tails high in anticipation they raced up the last few hundred ells and skidded to a stop, snorting and blowing, at the precipice that was the trail's end.

Below yawned a sharp cleft in the mountainside nearly a league in depth and perhaps fifty ells wide, having a thundering glacier-fed torrent in its depths.

They are more than sixty ells high and spew a great volume of water, even in the dry season.

Between them and the island less than two hundred ells away, the five pointed Fangs of Munjuno marked the point of no return above the falls.

He and the Blue Voice and the limping Sir Penapat had taken up a position in the loftiest structure of Tass Town, a lighthouse about fifteen ells high on the western side of the small island settlement.

Exerting her full strength she pulled him a full fifty ells along the turf, back from that ancient roadway which the root-guide urged her to follow.