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Elham (given name)

Elham is a given name of Arabic origin, which means "inspiration". Related names include Ilham in Arabic and İlham or İlhami in Turkish. The name Elham may refer to:

  • Elham Al Qasim (born 1982), Emirati explorer
  • Elham Aminzadeh (born 1964), Iranian politician
  • Elham Asghari (born 1981), Iranian swimmer
  • Elham Charkhandeh (born 1978), Iranian actress
  • Elham Galica (born 1989), Albanian football player
  • Elham Hamidi (born 1977), Iranian actress
  • Elham Manea (born 1966), Yemeni writer
  • Elham Shaheen (born 1961), Egyptian actress
  • Elham Yaghoubian (born 1972), Iranian writer

Elham or Ilham may refer to:

  • Elham, State of Mind
  • Elham (given name)
  • Elham, Kent
  • Elham railway station
  • Elham Deanery
  • Elham Valley Railway
  • Elham Valley