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Elene is a poem in Old English, that is sometimes known as Saint Helena Finds the True Cross. It was translated from a Latin text and is the longest of Cynewulf's four signed poems. It is the fifth of six poems appearing in the Vercelli manuscript, which also contains The Fates of the Apostles, Andreas, Soul and Body I, the Homiletic Fragment I and Dream of the Rood. The poem is the first English account of the finding of the Holy Cross by Saint Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine. The poem was written by Cynewulf some time between 750 and the tenth century. It is written in a West Saxon dialect, but certain Anglianisms and metrical evidence concerning false rhymes suggest it was written in a Anglian rather than Saxon dialect. It is 1,321 lines long.

Elene (disambiguation)

Elene may refer to:

  • Elene, an Old English religious poem about Saint Helena
  • Elene Gedevanishvili, a Georgian figure skater
  • Elene Akhvlediani, a Georgian painter
  • Eleni Mavrou, the mayor of Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • Elene Church, a fictional church in fantasy novels by David Eddings
  • Elene (village), a village belonging to the city of Zottegem, in the province of East-Flanders, Belgium.