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electrostatic field

n. electric field associated with static electric charges

Usage examples of "electrostatic field".

We get some gravity, some magnetic, and some electrostatic field distortion, too.

It was easier going than she imagined, due to the electrostatic field's reduction of friction, and it lessened the strain on her damaged back muscles.

Someone had laid an electrostatic field over the island and out of it produced St.

Mullon shuddered in contemplation, for laying an electrostatic field somewhere in the open air required technical knowledge that made that of Earth's technicians look like nothing.

I went out, bone-dry of course as the electrostatic field repelled the raindrops.

They had soon discovered that a mild electrostatic field came up regularly every evening and cleared the days' accumulation of dust and debris from the base of the Krang for the width of the yellow-white circle.

Static electricity had attracted both dust and the hair, which meant that something inside the coin was generating an electrostatic field.