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electronic equipment

n. equipment that involves the controlled conduction of electrons (especially in a gas or vacuum or semiconductor)

Usage examples of "electronic equipment".

New arresting gear had been flown in from America, along with electronic equipment that came nowhere near replacing what the Russian missiles had destroyed.

Tom assembled a mass of electronic equipment and phoned various Enterprises' departments for other items.

While another worker lifted the hood and began to drain the oil out of the engine, the man with the electronic equipment searched underneath the vehicle.

Those things are so jammed with miniaturized electronic equipment that you couldn't hide a pea inside it.

But this would make it more susceptible to pulsed diffuse X-rays, which when deposited upon an insulated metal layer induce strong electromagnetic emissions inside the shield, fatal to electronic equipment.

They also moved out every piece of electronic equipment and record, every book and piece of paper from your home.

Slowly he gazed around the compartment at the bent bulkheads, seeing the heavily damaged electronic equipment that looked like a robot with its guts pulled out, smelling the smoke from the fires, and he felt the hysteria of a child who had lost his parents in a crowd.

Without another word being said, she walked purposefully from behind the couch to the rack of electronic equipment near the door.

It is basically just a big room filled with batteries, generators, air-conditioning units, and racks of electronic equipment.