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electrical discharge

n. a discharge of electricity

Usage examples of "electrical discharge".

A series of loud bangs suddenly burst forth from the top of the device, and with each one appeared a long, snaking tendril of white electrical discharge.

But couldn't that crackling hair have been nothing more than the electrical discharge that Keith called corposant, St Elmo's Fire?

Lastly, the probable cause was an electrical discharge - lightning.

This is good, for most of the machines are equipped with powerful electrical discharge capacitors that can kill or disable a human as effectively as a lightning strike, and the human contingent, then, is seriously outmatched both in numbers and in weapons.

No electrical discharge would produce chemical changes like that in Krupp steel.

It was clean, since the electrical discharge had burned off all the mud.

Hari hit the floor as the burnt-yellow electrical discharge snaked and popped in the air.

At once a curtain of sizzling electrical discharge blazed white between the two ribs, lighting up the corpse in a ghastly halo of incandescence.

Even though she heard the crackle of the electrical discharge, she thought she had imagined it.

It was not exactly an explosion, but rather a concussion caused by air rushing into a vacuum created by a fabulous electrical discharge—.

She heard a gunshot behind her, and the replicator control pad exploded into a wreckage of metal, plastiglass, and bright blue electrical discharge.

The self-defense weapon was an electrical discharge device that disabled the enemy with a bolt of high-voltage energy.

With each creak of the old houses timbers, with each muffled crackle of electrical discharge or beep of the monitoring systems, Wyatt would tremble afresh and wipe at his clammy brow.

Cautious investigators will hesitate to challenge the common belief that Robert Blake was killed by lightning, or by some profound nervous shock derived from an electrical discharge.

The four letters are simply the four beats in Wilhelm Reich's formula: muscular tension electrical charge electrical discharge muscular relaxation.