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electrical circuit

n. An electric circuit.

electrical circuit

n. an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow [syn: circuit, electric circuit]

Usage examples of "electrical circuit".

The circuit for this was triggered, as were all controls in the rocket, by radio, a certain signal on a certain wavelength activating an electrical circuit in the same box as the one that contained the timing mechanism for the firing circuits: this current passed through a coil which in turn activated a solenoid switch-a soft iron core in the centre of the coil-and this completed the circuit which fired the detonator in the T.

He shut off the electrical circuit with his remote, opened the cage door, and threw the bundle violently at the two females.

He paused for a moment, tracing an electrical circuit with his finger, calculating inductances in his head.

It reminded him of a metallic electrical circuit with a partial ground.

He had the rare type of mind that can visualize an electrical circuit and put it down on paper without having to try it out with wires.

A way of achieving this would be by using a tuned electrical circuit to make electrons surge back and forth along an antenna wire, causing sympathetic charge movements (i.

Another example is light, where the frequencies involved are much higher, resulting from the transitions of electrons between orbits within atoms rather than oscillations in an electrical circuit.

In the case of an optical cable like FLAG, they contain the Light Terminal: the gear that converts the 1,558-nanometer signal lasers coming down the fiber strands into digits within an electrical circuit, and vice versa.

Hay wondered what errant electrical circuit in his brain had made him advert to the one subject that he—.

Hay wondered what errant electrical circuit in his brain had made him advert to the one subject that he -- and the Administration -- never acknowledged.

Poised just a millimeter over the metallic hard points that would complete the electrical circuit, they surged invisibly with the current poised over their tips.

If she had once thought of herself and the other Ur-humans as elements in an electrical circuit, now she understood what this could mean.

There were books and papers available on how to make any electrical circuit more reliable, provided that you didn't mind spending money, space, and power to get it.

The nerves of the body seemed much like the wires of an electrical circuit.

It's acting like a voltage source, driving the global electrical circuit.