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electric vehicle

n. Vehicle that uses an electric motor as the means of propulsion

Electric Vehicle (1899 automobile)

The Electric Vehicle was an American automobile manufactured only in 1899. An electric cab, it was widely used in New York City; the company pioneered the use of pressed steel for wheels, and its cars featured front-wheel drive and brakes and rear wheel steering.

Usage examples of "electric vehicle".

The man in the grey coat started up his flat truck and the electric vehicle whirred almost silently towards the south tower.

He exited the car and walked over to a waiting electric vehicle that looked similar to a golf cart.

A neat little electric vehicle like a golf buggy took Deeke along the glowing length of the central tunnel, deep into the heart of the mountain.

It was an electric vehicle, not one of the big living walkers the Nar usually used for short and intermediate distances.

An organic patrol car, a small green three-wheeled electric vehicle with a topless frame, drove slowly by him.

As the electric vehicle pulled up the long circular drive to a housewhich, while appearing modest by the standards of the larger estate holders, would have been the envy of many an Imperial functionaryGerswin had to wonder in what sort of splendor had Constanza Cerdezo grown up.

In the distance he heard the whine of the milkman's electric vehicle.

If he ever left this place, he would have to learn that an electric vehicle must be filled with electricity at regular intervals, even when its batteries are, as Samuels said, the best man had ever devised.

He strode back to his small electric vehicle and picked up the phone.

A Security robot brought the electric vehicle to Hunter at MC Governor's office and turned it over to him.

A Security robot brought the electric vehicle to Hunter at MC Governor’.