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electric field

n. (context electricity physics English) A region of space around a charged particle, or between two voltages; it exerts a force on charged objects in its vicinity.

electric field

n. a field of force surrounding a charged particle

Electric field

An electric field is a vector field that associates to each point in space the Coulomb force that would be experienced per unit of electric charge, by an infinitesimal test charge at that point. Electric fields converge and diverge at electric charges and can be induced by time-varying magnetic fields. The electric field combines with the magnetic field to form the electromagnetic field.

Usage examples of "electric field".

For example, when one electrically charged particle repels another of like electric charge, you can think of it roughly in terms of each particle being surrounded by an electric field—.

In 1875, for instance, a Scottish physicist, John Kerr (1824-1907), had shown that glass and other substances could be made to exhibit double refraction in an intense electric field.

Blondlot set up a very ingenious and delicate experimental procedure that would measure the time it took for the double refraction to appear after the intense electric field had come into being.

The strange blind movement of some of the vegetative forms could be a response stimulated by that electric field.

What a complicated thing is the electric field in the space around you!

After some time they decided that there were, in operation, a titanic magnetic field combined with an equal electric field, the field of the planet itself, and some sort of force-field that was far weaker, so buried in the mass of the planet, magnetic, and electric fields as to be unrecognizable.

For instance, a positive charge could be the mouth of a tiny wormhole threaded by an electric field, with a negative charge the other mouth, the flow of the field through the wormhole looking, from the outside, like a source and sink of charge.

As it is, we used an electric field which is more sparing of energy than a motor would be and the price is only a little more work for me -- and what of that?

Atoms charged either way can be made to move through a fluid in response to an electric field, and are therefore called ions (eye'onz.

He used a setup rather like a modern TV picture tube: a red-hot metal filament gave off the electrons, and because these have a negative electric charge, an electric field could be used to accelerate them toward a phosphor-coated screen.

We even found a way to quantify the strength, stresses, and projected speed of the warp bubble, provided we turned off the electric field holding it in place and let go of it.

We at least have a subjective idea of what an echo is, but we have almost no subjective idea of what it might be like to perceive an electric field.

One electron volt (shortened to eV) is the energy required to move an electron a distance of one centimeter in an electric field of one volt.

Who could imagine that the reentry system, that whole gorgeous and intricate assembly of people and techniques and hardware and software, might vanish in one flash of free electrons and electric field surge?

The charge on one tape creates an electric field which in turn exerts forces on the other tape.