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Eldin may refer to:

  • Alternative transliteration of Arabic Ad-Din "Faith, Religion"
    • As part of Arabic names
      • Adnan Shihab-Eldin, acting Secretary General of OPEC
      • Bader Eldin Abdalla Galag, Sudanese footballer
      • Hani Sarie-Eldin (Egyptian), Chairman Of the Middle East Institute for Law and Development (MILD)
      • Mohamed Nasr Eldin Allam, Egyptian Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources
      • Taha Muhie-eldin Marouf, vice president of Iraq
      • Ziad Bahaa-Eldin, Egyptian politician
    • as a Bosnian given name
      • Eldin Adilović (born 1986), Bosnian footballer
      • Eldin Huseinbegović, Bosnian singer-songwriter
      • Eldin Jakupović (born 1984), Bosnian-Swiss footballer
      • Eldin Karisik (born 1983), Bosnian-Swedish footballer
  • a location in Lasswade, Scotland
    • John Clerk of Eldin (1728–1812), a figure in the Scottish Enlightenment, remembered for his writings on naval tactics in the Age of Sail
    • John Clerk, Lord Eldin (1757-1832), Scottish judge, eldest son of John Clerk of Eldin

Category:Bosniak masculine given names

Usage examples of "eldin".

Dain as a prince of Nether, Mandrian prejudice against the eldin grew from deep roots, fostered by the Reformed Church.

To his knowledge, Gavril had never before shown any curiosity about the special abilities belonging to some eldin and Netheran priests.

Dain told his protector, and stared at the silent, hostile eldin around him.

Their eldin riders exchanged glances and called out sharply in a language Dain did not understand.

Robed in clothing of soft green, wearing shoes of supple leather, and holding a leafy staff in his hand, this individual had the distinctive eldin features.

He asked a question in the eldin dialect that Dain did not understand.

It saddened him to discover that the eldin were in their own way as bigoted as humans.

Dain glanced around at the handful of eldin looking on, then turned his frown on the nearby dwellings.

I have heard of the eldin ways, of eldin gentleness, of eldin hospitality, of eldin grace and love of beauty.

His eldin relatives had condemned Pheresa to death, and he would never forgive them for it.

He thought of the prophecy that said he would lead destruction to the eldin, and shook his head.

Fairlight flickered from the fingertips, and Dain dared not look closely enough to see if they were real eldin hands or just carved ones.

Having a trace of eldin blood in my veins does not make me such a creature.

He listened to the churchmen who were opposed to Tobeszijian because of his eldin blood.

When Tobeszijian took an eldin wife as queen, following in the tradition of his father, the church had raised violent objections.