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The Elde is a river in northern Germany ( Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and a few km in Brandenburg), a right tributary of the Löcknitz. Its total length is . The Elde originates near Altenhof, south of Malchow. It first flows southeast towards the southern end of Lake Müritz, which it enters at Vipperow. It flows out of the Müritz at its northern end, near Waren. It turns west, and flows through a series of small lakes, and along the town of Malchow, until the Plauer See. It flows out of the Plauer See at Plau am See, and continues west and southwest through Lübz, Parchim, Neustadt-Glewe and Grabow. The Elde flows into the Löcknitz (itself a tributary of the Elbe) in Eldenburg, part of Lenzen (Elbe). Most of its length, , is navigable.

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Usage examples of "elde".

For to telle of this teuelyng of this trwe kny3te3, Hit is the tytelet token and tyxt of her werkke3, How ledes for her lele luf hor lyue3 han auntered, Endured for her drury dulful stounde3, And after wenged with her walour and voyded her care, And bro3t blysse into boure with bountees hor awen-- And 3e ar knyyght comlokest kyd of your elde, Your worde and your worchip walke3 ayquere, And I haf seten by yourself here sere twyes, Yghet herde I neuer of your hed helde no worde3 That euer longed to luf, lasse ne more.

Now sire, of elde ye repreve me, And certes, sire, thogh noon auctoritee Were in no book, ye gentils of honour Seyn, that men sholde an oold wight doon favour, And clepe hym fader for youre gentillesse, And auctours shal I fynden, as I gesse.

But if the trees from that piece of ground don’t reach the shipwrights here in Northport, then, eventually, we’re going to run out of that particular lime they have in Elde, which we use as an agent mixed with our lime to make mortar to keep our buildings from falling down.