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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eld \Eld\, n. [AS. yldu, yldo, eldo, old age, fr. ald, eald, old. See Old.]

  1. Age; esp., old age. [Obs. or Archaic]

    As sooth is said, eelde hath great avantage.

    Great Nature, ever young, yet full of eld.

  2. Old times; former days; antiquity. [Poetic]

    Astrologers and men of eld.


Eld \Eld\, v. i. To age; to grow old. [Obs.]


Eld \Eld\ ([e^]ld), a. [AS. eald.] Old. [Obs.]


Eld \Eld\, v. t. To make old or ancient. [Obs.]

Time, that eldeth all things.
--Rom. of R.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"former ages, old times," c.1400, poetic or archaic form of old; in some cases from Old English eald, yldu, yldo "old age, an age, age as a period of life."

  1. (context obsolete English) old. n. 1 (context rare or dialectal English) One's age, age in years, period of life. 2 (context archaic or poetic English) old age, senility; an old person. 3 (context archaic or poetic English) time; an age, an indefinitely long period of time. 4 (context archaic or poetic English) Former ages, antiquity, olden times. v

  2. 1 (context intransitive archaic poetic or dialectal English) To age, become or grow old. 2 (context intransitive archaic or poetic English) To delay; linger. 3 (context transitive archaic or poetic English) To make old, age.

  1. n. a late time of life; "old age is not for sissies"; "he's showing his years"; "age hasn't slowed him down at all"; "a beard white with eld"; "on the brink of geezerhood" [syn: old age, years, age, geezerhood]

  2. a time in life (usually defined in years) at which some particular qualification or power arises; "she was now of school age"; "tall for his eld" [syn: age]

Eld (album)

Eld is the third studio album by Norwegian metal band Enslaved. It was released on 7 April 1997, through Osmose Productions.


Eld or ELD may refer to:

Usage examples of "eld".

A certain positive terror grew on me as we advanced to this actual site of the elder world behind the legends--a terror, of course, abetted by the fact that my disturbing dreams and pseudo-memories still beset me with unabated force.

I been content to abide till eld came upon me, but my lord would not have it so, but longed for greater things for me.

The chest claimed to be that of Elder Brewster, owned by the Connecticut Historical Society, was not improb ably his, but that it had any MAY-FLOWER relation is not shown.

The names of Seneca, of the elder and the younger Pliny, of Tacitus, of Plutarch, of Galen, of the slave Epictetus, and of the emperor Marcus Antoninus, adorn the age in which they flourished, and exalt the dignity of human nature.

Solitude had killed every power in her save vanity, and the form her vanity took was peculiarly irritating to her husband, and in a lesser degree to her daughter, for neither the Elder nor Loo would have founded self-esteem on adventitious advantages of upbringing.

It had been mixed with yarrow, agrimony, willow, and elder for cleansing and magical protection.

During the life of Alp Arslan, his eldest son had been acknowledged as the future sultan of the Turks.

Prince Vasili left the chair on which he had been leaning, and- with air which intimated that he knew what he was about and if others did not understand him it was so much the worse for them- did not go up to the dying man, but passed by him, joined the eldest princess, and moved with her to the side of the room where stood the high bedstead with its silken hangings.

Harun al Raschid returned to his very distant land where the populace did indeed enjoy a never-ending series of fart jokes, and Sinbad and Fatima were returned to human form after a most enjoyable apehood, and then were accompanied back to Baghdad by Achmed and his new bride, Marjanah, and all were showered with gifts from that elder Sinbad, who was rich again, at least for the time being, and was much relieved to see them.

Beale could introduce the little girl only, alas, by revealing to her so attractive, so enthralling a name: the side-shows, each time, were sixpence apiece, and the fond allegiance enjoyed by the elder of our pair had been established from the earliest time in spite of a paucity of sixpences.

I am an elder of the Church of the Apocryphal You are inquiring about someone we now know as Sister Aquila.

Jenny, the elder, is married to Alan Argyll, a very successful businessman.

Although his moccasined feet made no sound on the uncarpeted floor, his movements seemed to annoy the elder of two officers who, in handsome uniforms, occupied a window-seat at one side of the room, and were evidently waiting for somebody or something as patiently as their natures would permit.

The broken army of the Goths abandoned the field of battle, the wasted province, and the passage of the Danube: and although the eldest of the sons of Constantine was permitted to supply the place of his father, the merit of the victory, which diffused universal joy, was ascribed to the auspicious counsels of the emperor himself.

Ali Baba was the younger of two sons, and when his father had passed from this world, the elder bequeathed all of his earthly goods upon the older of the two, whose name was Kassim.