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ELC may refer to:

  • Early Learning Centre, a British chain of toy shops
  • ELC Electroconsult, an engineering company
  • .elc, the filename suffix for Emacs Lisp compiled bytecode
  • Eligibility in the Local Context, in the University of California admissions process
  • Entity-Level Controls, a company-wide type of internal control
  • Entry Level Certificate, a qualification in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • European Landscape Convention, a legally non-binding regional convention
  • European Logistic Center, the central spare parts storages of Mercedes-Benz in several European countries
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church, a term denoting different Lutheran churches in the world
  • ExPRESS Logistics Carrier, a payload project for the International space station
  • East Lancashire Coachbuilders, a former bus bodywork builder.