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Eka or EKA may refer to:

  • A prefix used to name chemical elements predicted by Mendeleev
  • Murray Field, an airport which has IATA airport code EKA
  • David W. Eka, an African church leader
  • Eka Darville, an Australian actor
  • EKA (supercomputer), a supercomputer developed by Tata Sons
  • Eesti Kunstiakadeemia (Estonian Academy of Arts)
  • EKA (knives), a Swedish knives manufacturer
  • Engaging Key Assets (EKA), a type of leadership style
  • Eka, an extinct Swedish noble family to which the mother of King Gustav I belonged
EKA (supercomputer)

EKA is a supercomputer built by the Computational Research Laboratories (a subsidiary of Tata Sons) with technical assistance and hardware provided by Hewlett-Packard.

Eka means the number One in Sanskrit.