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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eisel \Ei"sel\, n. [OF. aisil, aissil, fr. L. acetum. Cf. Acetic.] Vinegar; verjuice. [Obs.]
--Sir T. More.


n. (context obsolete English) vinegar, verjuice

Usage examples of "eisel".

Eisel musicologists have made exhaustive analyses in these directions, and are absolutely competent at producing the most effective timbres, crescendos and diminuendos upon their synthesizers.

Eisel musicologists adeptly employ the Gaean symbology with a judicious enrichment of specifically local symbols.

The section appeared devoted to textiles: silks with many-colored lusters of the sort favored by the Eisels.

On the dry sand below, four of the famous Eisel slimes rippled and scuttled: gaudy creatures of mottled black and yellow.

The third lake, by the skill of Eisel chemical engineers, had been tinted lime-green, to complete the color cycle.