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a. (context neologism English) Belonging to em, their (qualifier: singular). {{non-gloss definition|Gender-neutral third-person singular possessive adjective, coordinate with (term: his) and (term: her).}}


EIR may refer to:

  • Effective interest rate, a banking term
  • Entomological inoculation rate, the measure of the intensity of malaria transmission
  • Entrepreneur In Residence or Executive In Residence, a term in venture capital and business education
  • Environmental Information Regulations 2004, a UK Statutory Instrument
  • Equipment Identity Register, in a Network Switching Subsystem
  • Extended information rate, burstable bandwidth in a Frame Relay network
  • Establishment Inspection Report, the result of an investigation by the US FDA.
  • Environmental Impact Report, see Environmental impact assessment
  • Executive Intelligence Review, the flagship publication of the LaRouche movement
  • Kodak Ektachrome Professional Infrared/EIR film, a type of Color Infrared film
  • Ethniko Idryma Radiofonias, the National Radio Foundation of Greece
  • East Indian Railway Company, introduced railways to eastern and northern India, later known as East Indian Railway (EIR)
  • Eat In Restaurant, a commonly used abbreviation in Chicago urban area.

Eir may refer to

  • Eir, a goddess in Norse mythology
  • Eir (telecommunications), a major provider of telecommunications in Ireland
  • Eir, a Spivak pronoun
Eir (telecommunications)

Eircom Limited, trading as Eir, is a fixed, mobile and broadband telecommunications company in Ireland, and a former state-owned monopolist. It is the largest telecommunications operator in the Republic, with a division to service the business & corporate telecom markets in Northern Ireland and Britain. As Bord Telecom √Čireann, the company was state-owned until 1999, when it was floated on the Irish and New York Stock Exchanges.

Eir operates the fixed-line telephone network, an LTE ( 4G), HSDPA ( 3G) and GSM/ EDGE (2.75G) mobile telephone network Meteor (acquired from AllTel (Western Wireless) in 2005) and acts as an internet service provider (ISP) As of Q1 2013, Eircom had 54% market share of fixed voice lines; 40% market share of fixed broadband; 11% of mobile broadband; and 17% of mobile. By late 2007 Eircom added their 500,000th DSL subscriber but broadband share may have fallen to 44% due to growth of fixed wireless, cable and fibre services.

Its main competitors are Virgin Media Ireland (which operates a cable TV & Broadband network), Vodafone Ireland (which bought BT Ireland's residential customer base on 22 July 2009 and is accessed through Eir's network and BT Ireland's fibre), Imagine Communications (Irish Broadband & Gaelic Telecom) and Magnet Networks and Smart Telecom, with a mix of LLU/ GLUMP from Eircom and fibre.

Usage examples of "eir".

At the third hour of the night of the day ruled by Frigg, the Vettir of love, Eir dug the mandragora roots.

But I, that am exiled and bareyne Of alle grace, and in so greet dispeir That ther nys erthe, water, fir, ne eir, Ne creature, that of hem maked is, That may me heelp, or doon confort in this, Wel oughte I sterve in wanhope and distresse, Farwel, my lif, my lust, and my galdnesse!

Maybe they were just exercising eir prerogative inside a free labor market.