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interj. ouch! An exclamation of pain.


Eina is a village in Vestre Toten municipality, Oppland, Norway. The population is 677. The village is one of the destinations on the railroad track Gjøvikbanen, between Jaren and Raufoss. Eina is located a mere 12 km south of Raufoss, and has its center just north of Einavatnet (or Einafjorden). From Einavatnet comes the river Hunnselva which travels north to Mjøsa. Some 1,500 people inhabit the area surrounding the lake, not including Eina.

Usage examples of "eina".

Their mother, Huana, squirmed worse than Oseberg, though she looked lovely in a dress borrowed from the birdlike Eina Nathasdaughter, the Jommy's own cousin and named for his mother.

Egil brought in one of the dogs Eina Parrasdaughter, and Parra Lorinsdaughter after her, was so famous for raising, and played with her by the hour, happily.

In three long strides, Eina stood by the table where a white-haired, balding man held up a teapot.