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The Collaborative International Dictionary

eighties \eighties\ n. the decade from 1980 to 1989.

2. the time of life between 80 and 90.

Syn: mid-eighties.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1827 as the years of someone's life between ages 80 and 89; from 1833 as the ninth decade of years in a given century; from 1854 with reference to Fahrenheit temperature. See eighty.


alt. 1 (plural of eighty English) 2 The decade of the 1880s, 1980s, etc. n. 1 (plural of eighty English) 2 The decade of the 1880s, 1980s, etc.

  1. n. the decade from 1880 to 1889 [syn: 1880s]

  2. the decade from 1980 to 1989 [syn: 1980s]

  3. the time of life between 80 and 90 [syn: mid-eighties]

Eighties (song)

"Eighties" is Killing Joke's first single from their fifth studio album, Night Time. It was originally released in April 1984 by E.G. Records as a 12" and 7" single, produced by Chris Kimsey. The 12" single A-side featured the track "Eighties (Serious Dance Mix)" with "Eighties" and "Eighties (The Coming Mix)" as B-sides. The 7" single exempted the "Serious Dance Mix" and instead, featured "Eighties" as the A-side. Also, the 7" single was sold with a bonus 7" single of " Let's All Go (To the Fire Dances)". The single reached No. 60 in the UK Singles Chart. A short snippet of "Eighties" was the opening theme to the short-lived 2002 Fox sitcom That '80s Show.

Usage examples of "eighties".

Lay a Central Park map of the early eighteen eighties beside a map of today, and there on both maps are all the old names and places: the reservoir, the lake, North Meadow, the Green, the pool, Harlem Mere, the obelisk.

Over the weekend I've been digging into the eighties, and I'll be doing a great deal more.

With the help of that woodcut in his weekly picture magazine, a man of the eighties could visualize the scene.

I spent three days then, alone with the projector looking at scene after scene of the eighties, staring, working at finding the actuality that lay under the surface of each, gaining experience and speed as the time passed.

Yet different as the world of the eighties was, Martin said, it was closer to ours than it seemed.

And she worked with me on getting the feel of the eighties from the photographs and woodcuts I brought home.

And automobiles choked it, and just out of my sight the city rose to the sky in glass, steel, and stone, and the New York of the eighties was dead.

On the streets of the eighties I saw human misery, as you see it today.

He says What the fuck (Sorkin does), this Eighties Bill kid's irrational sentimentalism for Yale will sooner or later catch up with him.

Hot years through the eighties and nineties were singled out, but not the all-time lows in Alaska and subzero conditions across Scandinavia and in Moscow.

Projecting the 5 percent ozone swing from the early eighties through the next four decades gives 25 percent, hence a 50 percent rise in skin cancer, which works out at 300,000 new cases in the year 2030 a.

I hadn't followed the asbestos story after the eighties, until my attention was drawn to its connection with the WTC tragedy.

Then, from around the late eighties, the mortality of the HIV positives from conditions diagnosed as AIDS rose significantly, and a widely publicized study cited this as proof that their AIDS was due to HIV.

He was subjected to ridicule and vilification, abused at conferences, and his funding cut off to the point that by the end of the eighties he could no longer afford a secretary.

He opened her closets and went through her clothes, deciding that her taste seemed frozen in the eighties singles-bar style.