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Could not find any definition of word "eighe"

Usage examples of "eighe".

Big fat crumpled pink blooms, eighing down the branches-grown wild and rampant, uncared for but urviving somehow for God knows how many years.

I believe he went out very early this morning a broken leg near Ben Eighe and he would have to walk part of the way you know it was off the road.

He nyste what he spak, but thus he seyde: With pitous herte his pleynt hath he bigonne Unto the goddes, and first unto the sonne He seyde, "Appollo, God and governour Of every plaunte, herbe, tree, and flour That yevest after thy declinacioun To ech of hem his tyme and his sesoun, As thyn herberwe chaungeth lowe or heighe, Lord Phebus, cast thy mericiable eighe On wrecche Aurelie, which that am but lorn.