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EIF stands for:

  • Echogenic intracardiac focus, a term related to an ultrasound exam
  • Eclaireurs israélites de France, a French Scouting organization
  • Edinburgh International Festival, a festival of performing arts
  • Edsbyns Idrottsförening, a bandy club in Sweden
  • Ekenäs Idrottsförening, a football club in Finland
  • Empirical influence function, used for measuring statistical robustness
  • Enhanced integrated framework, a multi-donor trust fund for technical assistance to so-called least developed countries
  • Enterprise Instrumentation Framework, a diagnostic and instrumentation toolset for .NET Framework
  • Entertainment Industry Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization of the entertainment industry
  • European Industry Federation, a type of trade union organization
  • European Internet Foundation
  • European Interoperability Framework
  • European Investment Fund, an agency of the European Union
  • Exponential Integrate-and-Fire, a biological neuron model
  • Extended Information Filter

eIF stands for:

  • Eukaryotic initiation factor, a protein family