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Eielson may refer to:

  • Carl Benjamin Eielson (1897-1929), American aviator
  • Jorge Eduardo Eielson (1924-2006), Peruvian poet
  • Various facilities named for Carl Benjamin Eielson:
    • Eielson Air Force Base, located near Fairbanks, Alaska
    • Ben Eielson Junior/Senior High School, located at Eielson AFB
    • Carl Ben Eielson Elementary School, located in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Usage examples of "eielson".

They'll be refueled by two KC-10 tankers out of Eielson Air Force Base, then proceed northward to the Arctic Ocean.

We had tanker support from Eielson and Fairchild scheduled but they didn't launch.

Those missiles were targeting the runways and infrastructure at both Elmendorf and Eielson Air Force bases, and all of the major infrastructure and airfields around Nome and the Seward Peninsula.