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Eich may refer to:

Eich (Verbandsgemeinde)

Eich is a Verbandsgemeinde ("collective municipality") in the district Alzey-Worms, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The seat of the Verbandsgemeinde is in Eich.

The Verbandsgemeinde Eich consists of the following Ortsgemeinden ("local municipalities"):

  1. Alsheim
  2. Eich
  3. Gimbsheim
  4. Hamm am Rhein
  5. Mettenheim

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Eich (surname)

Eich is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Brendan Eich (born 1961), American computer programmer
  • Günter Eich (1907–1972), German author
  • Hans Eich (born 1949), West German sprint canoeist
  • Marina Anna Eich (born 1976), German actress
  • Peter Eich (born 1963), German footballer
  • Walter Eich (born 1925), Swiss footballer
  • William Eich, American judge

Usage examples of "eich".

All this power, delegated to the thousands of millions of the Eich of this planet, culminates in and is wielded by the nine of us, who comprise Boskone.

In fact, I was about to replace him with an Eich, however unpleasant such an assignment would be to any of our race, because of that weakness.

I want none with me save of the Eich, and even those I will examine carefully before permitting them aboard ship with me.

To take any weaker mind, even of the Eich, might conceivably be to court disaster.

It must be borne in mind that, since the Eich were physically more like the Velantians than were the men of Tellus, the presence of a group of such entities upon the planet would create less comment than that of a group of human beings.

Velantia, the Eich went to Delgon, where they devoted all the power of their admittedly first-grade minds and all the not inconsiderable resources of their ship to the task of finding and uniting the remnants of what had once been a flourishing race, the Overlords of Delgon.

That monstrous, repulsive, amoral race which, not excepting even the Eich themselves, achieved the most universal condemnation ever to have been given in the long history of the Galactic Union.

The Eich, admittedly deserving of the fate which was theirs, had and have their apologists.

Overlords, unthinkably great as it was and operative withal in a fashion utterly incomprehensible to us of Civilization, was combined with the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and drive, as well as with the scientific ability of the Eich, the results would in any case have been portentous indeed.

Kinnison and Worsel entered the terra incognita of the Second Galaxy and approached the solar system of the Eich, slowing down to a crawl as they did so.

In fact, about the Eich as persons or identities they knew next to nothing.

It could do no possible harm, since it was almost inconceivable that the Eich could be made to believe that any ordinary agent could have penetrated so far, and the fact should not be revealed to the foe that any Lensman could work without his Lens.

The Patrolmen did not know whether or not the scientists of the Eich could render their planet inertialess, and now it made no difference.

And it was these two very ordinary, but utterly irresistible planets, instead of the negative-matter bombs with which the Eich were prepared to cope, which hurtled then along the axis of the immense tube of warships toward Jarnevon.

Whether or not the Eich could make their planet inertialess has never been found out.