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Ehi may refer to:

  • Ehi is thought to be from the Egyptian Arabic word 'Ehiremen' meaning 'Dark Night'
  • Ihy, an ancient Egyptian child god
  • For the man in the Tanakh, see Minor characters in the Book of Genesis.
  • Ehi is also the Nigerian name for Angel, and refers to a spirit believed to possess a man and account for success or failure.
  • For the town in Ghana see Ehi, Ghana

EHI may refer to:

  • Energy Helicity Index, a concept related to helicity
Ehi (spirit)

Ehi is the name of a personal spirit in some West African religious beliefs, especially in southwestern Nigeria and Benin. Ehi means "genius", but it also means "angel" in some Nigerian languages and refers to a spirit possessing a man, similar to a guardian angel.

Ehi is a component of a person that remains with the supreme deity Osa. A person's ehi guides them through their life in the agbon, or material world, while interacting with other spirits in the erinmwin, or spirit world. The ehi remains with the person during the day, and returns to report to Osa at night. Ehi is viewed as a cult in parts of western Africa with a "moderated initiative" where many believe that lack of success can be blamed on the Ehi possessing a man. The Ehi is said to be "constantly sacrificed" in gratitude for success or for guidance in difficult times. Bradbury says of it, "Close as a man and his ehi are they are yet thought of as being independent agents and so there is a possibility of conflict between them. Ehi must, therefore, be propritiated in much the same way as other supernatural entities and failure to do this results in trouble.