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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Usage examples of "egle".

Admeration was at its hight, as she swayed too and frow as it were a winged egle from some etherial climb.

Two pairs of lovers, Egle and Lamon, and Amine and Eridon, the first pair happy in their loves, the second unhappy, make up the characters of the piece.

The leading part is taken by Egle, who is distressed at the misery of her friend Amine, occasioned by the jealous humours of her lover Eridon.

Complications there are none, and the sole interest of the play consists in the vivacity of the dialogues and in the arch mischief with which Egle eventually shames Eridon out of his foolish jealousy of his maiden, who is only too fondly devoted to him.

The man was in fact Egle, the well-known collector of songs, legends and fairy-tales, who was on a walking tour.

If Egle had grimaced or shouted now, the child would have raced off, weeping and faint from fear.

However, upon noticing how wide her eyes had grown, Egle made a sharp turn.

On the eve of that day and seven years after Egle, the collector of folk songs, had told the little girl on the beach a fairy-tale about a ship with crimson sails, Assol returned home from her weekly visit to the toy shop feeling distressed and looking sad.