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Egin may refer to:

  • the Welsh word for a plant shoot
  • Egin or Egyn, according to H.C. Agrippa, the devil king of the North, one of four cardinal kings along with Paymon (West), Amaymon (South) and Oriens (East)
  • Egin (newspaper), former Basque newspaper closed by the Spanish Civil Guard
    • Egin Irratia, former Basque radio station closed by the Spanish Civil Guard
  • Eğin, the name for the town of Kemaliye, Turkey until about 1923
  • Egin, Idaho, near Parker, Idaho
  • Mrs. Egin, fictional character in The Demonata
  • Yuri Egin, an anime-only character of Blue Exorcist, a manga with many Christian demonology-related elements
Egin (newspaper)

Egin was a Basque newspaper written in Spanish language and Basque language.