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Crossword clues for eggy


a. 1 Covered with or dipped in egg. 2 Resembling eggs in some way.

Usage examples of "eggy".

Others were cold calculators like Parkwood or meatgrinders like Eggy and Anna Treig.

He tensed a little and his hand gripped the butt as Eggy lurched toward him.

The passengers hung onto the seats in front of them and, on a number of occasions, Eggy was jolted against the guard.

Fenton hurried to the front and dragged the snarling Eggy off the guard and then helped the guard and Debbie disentangle themselves one from the other.

What had surprised Eggy was that someone had carved what, from a distance, looked like a giant mailslot right in the hillside.

For an unbelievable moment it looked as though Eggy had simply upped and quit.

As they came out of the living area and turned into yet another corridor, Eggy still seemed disturbed by the conditions.

He swung at Eggy, smashing him in the side of the head with a piledriver punch that should have felled a mule.

A little of the tension in the room had eased and there was a more normal buzz of conversation, albeit punctuated by the occasional hollers and bellows from Eggy and Eight-Man.

Vickers, Parkwood, Yabu and Eggy followed behind, letting them clear a path through the angry mob.

She stared at each of those as they passed, wondering if Eggy or someone affiliated with him was on either, but she knew that was unlikely.

To be here, Eggy would have had to travel the same distance as she, and through that storm or the long way around it.

Eggy was subhuman, tatoos, chains, a shaved head and a look of desperate vacancy.

Eggy seemed to be doing his best to resemble a big wheel among the in-crowd of Attila the Hun while even Parkwood had affected a certain swashbuckling air with silk scarves, a Panama hat and an automag hanging from his belt.

Eggy simply smouldered but Fenton, Debbie and Parkwood all had a strained, wide-eyed look that seemed to indicate they too had considered the possibility that this unasked-for night visit might end in an execution.