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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Egger \Egg"er\, n. [See Egg, n.] One who gathers eggs; an eggler.


Egger \Egg"er\, n. [See Egg, v. t.] One who eggs or incites.


Etymology 1 n. One who gathers eggs. Etymology 2

n. Any of various species of moth, especially the (vern oak egger-moth pedia=1), (taxlink Bombyx quercus species noshow=1). Etymology 3

n. One who eggs or incites.


n. moth having nonfunctional mouthparts as adults; larvae feed on tree foliage and spin egg-shaped cocoons [syn: eggar]

Egger (band)

Egger is an indie rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada featuring the singing/songwriting of Dave Ullrich, formerly of The Inbreds.

The band released an album in 2005 called Force Majeure on Zunior Records.


Egger is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albin Egger-Lienz, Austrian painter
  • Émile Egger, French philologist
  • Hubert Egger, West German cross country skier
  • Johann Egger, Austrian entomologist
  • Jolanda Egger, Swiss model and actress
  • Joseph Egger, Austrian actor
  • Juerg Egger, Swiss bobsledder
  • Markus Egger, Swiss beach volleyball player
  • Paul Egger, German pilot and tank commander
  • Reinhard Egger, German paratrooper
  • Reinhard Egger (luger), Austrian luger
  • Roscoe L. Egger, Jr., American IRS commissioner
  • Urs Egger, Swiss actor and director
  • Wolfgang Egger, German car designer
Egger (company)

EGGER is a global family company founded in 1961 in Tyrol, Austria (where its headquarters are held) that produces wood-based panel Products. EGGER is represented by 17 production sites in Europe ( Austria, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Romania, Russia and Turkey) and currently has 23 sales offices worldwide ( France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, China, Japan, India, Chile, Australia, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia and Belarus). In 2006 the company invested €210 million in the construction of a new production site located in Rădăuți, Romania with a capacity of 600,000 cubic meters of melamine faced chipboard. At the Romanian site the company operates a combined heat and electricity cogeneration power station with a capacity of 40.5 MW.

Usage examples of "egger".

Herr Egger had a Nasty Little Habit reached us in a roundabout way via a girl called Lily who works in the post office and is currently enjoying his favours.

I suggested to Frau Egger, but I did not expect to get my way too easily.

Frau Egger would regard as military, but would in fact be nothing of the sort.

If I met the detestable Herr Egger, the Minister of Development with his Nasty Habit, I would throw my arms round him and call him Little Brother like people do in Russian books.

Frau Egger a good cloak: brown loden cloth edged with braid in a darker tone, and frogging.

Frau Egger was now definitely drunk and the marital despair of a lifetime poured from her.

Frau Egger and Lily from the post office which I knew would be much to his taste.

It was the end of October before he got back to Vienna, to find that Egger had got his way about Madensky Square at last.

I planned a quixotic little enterprise: confronting Egger, offering him a chance to cancel his plans and leave the country, or face exposure and ruin.

December before I had what I wanted - and all the time I kept away from you - it only needed Egger to connect my interest in the square with you and I lost any leverage I had.

She knew Egger had been borrowing money and the corporal had been engaged to one of her servants.

We began to feel a doubt that Egger would take us in, and so much did his brick magnificence impress us that we regretted we had not brought apparel fit for the society we were about to enter.

It was half-past six, and we were tired and hungry, when the domain of Egger towered in sight,--a gaunt, two-story structure of raw brick, unfinished, standing in a narrow intervale.

And when the travelers, after a refreshing rest, went on their way next morning, considering the Elements and the pianos and the refinement, to say nothing of the cuisine, which is not treated of in the text-book referred to, they were content with a bill double that of brother Egger, in his brick magnificence.

Carinthian, her mother was Viennese and her repertoire in the kitchen included dishes from far beyond the mountains, rich and un stinting sometimes Sonia felt she and Frau Egger were like foie gras farmers fattening geese.