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Usage examples of "egar".

Palle may be willing to bully a young scholar like Egar Littel, who is not well connected, but the daughter-in-law of the Duke of Blackwater he would bow to if she picked his pocket.

Kent opened the carriage window, hoping to show himself to Lord Jaimas and Egar Littel.

Jaimy and Egar Littel riding cross-country with a cool wind at their backs.

Would they take Egar prisoner, with the son of the Duke of Blackwater as witness?

A quick glance behind and he saw that he had Egar in tow, his face set and grim.

Jaimy would have to find a way to send a message to Avonel, or perhaps he should return and let Egar go on alone.

He actually shook hands with Egar first, clearly not much impressed by the son of a duke.

Galton that it was not Lord Jaimas and Egar Littel who had been murdered.

Well, I saw a holy man, and told him that I couldnt get the thought of Egars accident out of my mind.

However, the memory of Egars paralysing fall still haunted him, his friend lying on the damp earth, unable to move his limbs.