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adv. (alternative form of e.g. English)


Eg may refer to:

  • exempli gratia, a Latin phrase meaning "for example"
  • Eg White, a British musician, songwriter and producer
  • Eg, Afghanistan, a town
  • Eg (Kristiansand), a neighbourhood in Kristiansand, Norway.
  • Eg River, a river in northern Mongolia
  • Exagram, an SI unit of mass
  • band gap energy

EG also stands for:

  • Envelope generator, used in synthesizers
  • Evil Geniuses, an electronic sports team
  • Eurographics, European Association for Computer Graphics
  • Evangelisches Gesangbuch, hymnal of many German language Protestant congregations
  • EG, a model code for a 1992-95 Honda Civic & Civic Hatchback
  • EG (magazine), a journal dedicated to chess endgame studies
  • E.G. Records, a music record label
  • .eg, Internet country code top-level domain for Egypt
  • Japan Asia Airways, IATA code
  • Equatorial Guinea, a small African country
  • Electric Gardens, a music festival in Faversham, UK
  • Ethylene glycol, an alcohol
  • Enskilda Gymnasiet, a private secondary school in Stockholm, Sweden
  • eG, eingetragene Genossenschaft, a registered cooperative society under German law
  • E.G. (EP), an EP by Goodshirt
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, an American toy line and media franchise by Hasbro; a spin-off of My Little Pony line
EG (magazine)

EG is a magazine which publishes endgame studies and discusses various aspects of the endgame in chess. The letters "EG" signify "End Game" and also the Latin phrase exempli gratia. While many chess magazines include sections for endgame studies, EG is unique for its exclusive focus.

Eg (Kristiansand)

Eg is a neighbourhood in Kristiansand, Norway. It is the only neighborhood outside downtown Kristiansand (2 kilometers north for downtown) in the borough of Kvadraturen. The main hospital for Southern Norway, Sørlandet Hospital Kristiansand, is to the north of Eg. Eg is located between the River Otra and Baneheia park.

The name Eg comes from Eik (Oak), cause of the thick oakwood you can still find in the area. Some of the oldest settlements in Kristiansand is on Eg. When it used to only be farms in Kristiansand, one of the four largest farms was located at Eg. The others were located at Gimle, Grim and Kjos.

Today, there is an elementary school and a kindergarten located at Eg. The neighborhood is mostly apartments. Eg is mostly served by bus line 12 from Kjos Haveby to the hospital.

Bus lines from Eg




Kjos Haveby - Eg- Sykehuset


Kvadraturen - Eg-Sykehuset


Tømmerstø Odderhei-Holte - Eg-Sykehuset


Mandal- Lista - Eg-Sykehuset

Usage examples of "eg".

The length of this thing would give him just a bout a two thousand foot l eg.

We made it up to catch such plagiaristic fish as you, and put it as bait for you within the great EG, and nowhere else in the great universe of worlds or information storage does Angkor Apeiron exist.

Commander Ridolfi, I the prosecuting attorney ask you: Is it true or not, that you have compiled your so-called reference work virtually entirely from EG?

Ye, and they looke so narowly uppon theyre proufittes, that the poore wyves must be countable to thym of every tenth eg, or elles she gettith not her rytes at ester, shal be taken as an heretike.