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EFX (show)

EFX was a Las Vegas Strip production show residing at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino which opened on March 23, 1995 and closed January 1, 2003. When it premiered, it was the most expensive and largest scaled theater installation in the world. A significant entertainment landmark of the strip for nearly eight years, it was known for changing its headline star every two years. Performers in the lead role were Michael Crawford, David Cassidy, Tommy Tune, and Rick Springfield.


EFX may refer to:

  • EFX (show), a Las Vegas show
  • EFX (album), an album of the show
  • Enterprise Framework (EFx), see EFx Factory
  • Enerflex Systems, a Canadian company listed as EFX on the Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Equifax, a U.S. consumer credit reporting agency listed as EFX on the New York Stock Exchange
  • Effects Extension (EFX), a set of digital signal processing extensions for the OpenAL audio API
  • .efx, the Everett Efax file format, see List of file formats
EFX (album)

EFX was a musical album released of David Cassidy's version of the Las Vegas show, EFX. The album was released in 1997 and only made available on compact disc through the MGM Grand. Cassidy was the headline performer for EFX for two years.

During his tenure as a headliner of EFX, Cassidy wrote and recorded the song, Intergalactic Circus of Wonder.