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n. (plural of ef English), the name of the letter F.


EFS may refer to:

  • Canon EF-S lens mount, a derivative of Canon's EF lens mount
  • Electronic Filing System, an electronic platform by the Singapore Judiciary
  • Electronic Filing System, an electronic platform for the United States Patent & Trademark office
  • Embryonal fyn-associated substrate, a CAS family protein also known as SIN or CASS3.
  • Emergency Fire Service, now Country Fire Service (Australia)
  • Emperor of the Fading Suns, a turn-based, strategy video-game
  • Encrypting File System, the encryption subsystem of the NTFS file system
  • Escape from Samsara, a London based nightclub
  • Estrada de Ferro Sorocabana, a Brazilian railway
  • Ethnological Forgery Series (E.F.S), a series of songs by the krautrock band Can
  • European Federation of Sexology, an organisation for sexology in Europe
  • Swedish Evangelical Mission, abbreviated EFS (Evangeliska fosterlandsstiftelsen in Swedish)
  • Expenditure and Food Survey, a statistical survey conducted annually by the Office for National Statistics in Great Britain
  • Extent File System, a file system used in the IRIX operating system
  • Event-Free Survival, in medicine (see Disease-free survival)