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Efraín is a masculine Spanish given name, a cognate of Ephraim. Notable people with the name include:

  • Efrain Chacurian (born 1924), Argentine-born naturalised American soccer player
  • Efraín Cortés (born 1984), Colombian football defender
  • Efraín Escudero (born 1986), Mexican mixed martial arts fighter
  • Efraín Flores (born 1958), Mexican football manager
  • Efraín Forero Triviño (born 1931), Colombian cyclist
  • Efraín Goldenberg (born 1929), Peruvian politician
  • Efrain Gonzalez (born 1948), Puerto-Rico born New York senator
  • Efrain Guigui (1925-2007), US-based Panaman clarinetist and conductor.
  • Efraín Guzmán (circa 1937-2002), Colombian guerrilla leader
  • Efraín Huerta (1914-1982), Mexican poet
  • Efraín Juárez (born 1988), Mexican football player
  • Efraín López Neris (born 1937), Puerto Rican actor
  • Efraín Medina (born 1979), Mexican singer
  • Efraín Morote (circa 1925-1991), Peruvian anthropologist
  • Efraín Ríos (living), Cuban tres player
  • Efraín Ríos Montt (born 1926), former de facto President of Guatemala
  • Efraín Rivera Pérez (born 1951), Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico
  • Efraín Sánchez (born 1926), Colombian footballer
  • Efrain Toro (living), Puerto Rican percussionist
  • Efraín Valdez (born 1966), Dominican Republic baseball player
  • Efraín Velarde (born 1986), Mexican football player