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EFP may refer to:

  • European Federation of Periodontology, a non-profit, scientific dental organisation
  • École Freudienne de Paris, a former French psychoanalytic professional body
  • Electronic field production, a television industry term
  • Electronic fuel pump, a common type of fuel pump.
  • England First Party, a political party in England.
  • European Federation for Primatology, a scientific society
  • European Federalist Party, a pan-European political party advocating the creation of a European federal state
  • Explosively formed penetrator, a weapon
  • European Foundation Project, an attempt to arrive at the legal form of a European Foundation
  • École Franco-Polonaise, Franco Polish School of New Information and Communication Technologies in Poznan
  • Exchange for Physicals, an off-market trading mechanism that enables customers to swap futures and options exposure for an offsetting stock position.
  • European Film Promotion, a network of European film promotion organisations