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EFM may stand for:

  • Canon EF-M lens mount, a lens mount for the Canon EOS M camera
  • Canon EF-M camera, a 1991 manual focus SLR
  • E FM, a radio channel in Sri Lanka
  • EFM Academy, a study association in Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • EFM32, 32-bit Energy Friendly Microcontrollers, from Energy Micro AS
  • Education for Ministry, a theological training program of The Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  • Eight-to-Fourteen Modulation, an encoding technique
  • Electronic Fetal Monitoring, see Cardiotocograph, a measurement of the fetal heart rate
  • Electrostatic Force Microscopy, a type of microscopy
  • Enterprise Feedback Management, a term used in corporate surveys
  • Ethernet in the First Mile, a networking technology
  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics, a scientific journal published by Springer