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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Effluvial \Ef*flu"vi*al\, a. Belonging to effluvia.

Usage examples of "effluvial".

No sooner had the turkey entered a colored canyon in southeastern Idaho, however, a place where the sandstone appeared to be painted with lavender eye shadow and pomegranate lip balms, than the latent frankincense of Jezebel filled the turkey like an effluvial stuffing and .

There were zero-gee massagers, ozone chambers, effluvial rinses, and many other options for humans.

For a second or two the material clung to the rotting flesh beneath, then it pulled free to billow a fresh gust of effluvial stench into the church.

Like the riverthing you are you flicker toward your meaning and disturb a silt of effluvial words that cloud your intent.

For eight months Houston was an unbelievably torrid effluvial sump with a mass of mushy asphalt, known as Downtown, set in the middle.