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n. (Latn-def en name F f)


EF or ef may refer to:

Ef (Cyrillic)
"ф" redirects here. For the very similar Greek letter, see Φ, φ - Phi (Greek) or ɸ, a voiceless bilabial fricative.

Ef (Ф ф; italics: Ф ф) is a Cyrillic letter, commonly representing the voiceless labiodental fricative , like the pronunciation of in "fill". The Cyrillic letter Ef is romanized as .

Ef (band)

Ef is a post-rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Using little vocals, they feature a wide variety of instruments. Their debut album Give me beauty... Or give me death! was released in May 2006. They had several tours with shows in various European countries.

In February 2008 the band released their second album I Am Responsible, with a tour through The Netherlands and Germany, starting March.

On March 21, it was announced on their website that bass player Mikael Hillergård had left the band.

Usage examples of "ef".

First der is dey fact you gant run out, dat dere is alreaty on deh Sugar vagon deh piggest load of chuicy suckers dat efer game in from deh suppurbs.

I dare not return to Paris, efen for a small visit in winter when pusiness here iss pad.

Soon I become chust like Tuptup, and nodt as shmart efen as Gustav-Adolf.

A few veeks and things begin to change, and someday maybe efen Tuptup gets hairs on der chest.

Und efen if der Great Khan iss dead, they are going first to conquer Italy and Burgundy and France and eferything.

I haf known wise men wear sandals and efen practice vegetarian habits.

I vould not efen ride in an outer-mobile, yet, so vy should I go in von contrivance vot is efen more dangerous?

Ja, und so left am I mit a problem, for not efen goot Deutsch do the most of them to speak, far less Engelisch und Irisch so into your service vould you take these fine fighters, mein alte Freund!

If he liges a class of vine, it iss begause his loaf ingludes efen hiss enemy, as Shakespeare galled it.

Ef, ez I suspect, the leader is an airy young feller from Frisco, who hez took to the road lately, Clinch hez got a personal grudge agin him from a quarrel over draw poker.

Once inside the coat, he conjured up towering beanpoles and windmills, he was Balderle and Ashmodai, the cross by the wayside, and the evil number efta.

Efim and Vitaly, the other two members of the blocking team, had found a case of fragmentation grenades.

Efim Hawkins had built his shop near Goose Lake, which had a narrow band of good fat clay and a narrow beach of white sand.