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In Greek mythology, Eëtion ( Ēetíōn ) was the king of the Cilician Thebe. He is the father of Andromache, wife of Hector, and of seven sons, including Podes.

In Book 6 of the Iliad, Andromache relates that Achilles killed Eëtion and his seven sons in a raid on Thebe, but in Book 17, Podes appears and is killed by Menelaus. This inconsistency on Homer's part may be an implication that some traditions gave Eëtion eight sons.

His wife is never named, but Andromache relates that she was captured in the same raid in which Eëtion was killed, and died of sickness in Troy following her release.

Eetion (disambiguation)

Eëtion may refer to:

In Greek mythology:

  • Eëtion, king of the Cilician Thebe mentioned in the Iliad
  • Eëtion, ruler over the island of Imbros mentioned in the Iliad; he buys Priam's captured son Lycaon and restores him to his father
  • Eëtion, a Greek soldier who was killed by Paris

In Greek history:

  • Eëtion, the father of Cypselus, the first tyrant of Corinth.

In biology:

  • Eetion (skipper), a genus of grass skipper butterflies of the tribe Erionotini